Monday, June 12, 2017

The Visit, Day One

Brooke arrived on Wednesday, and I left work early to pick her up.  I was SO overjoyed to see her again.  We chatted all the way home, where a pot roast dinner was waiting in the crock pot.  My dogs always go crazy when she shows up.  They can tell a dog lover when they see one!  They wouldn't leave her alone for a minute.

On Thursday Kevin, Brooke, and I got an early start and ran some errands, hitting a couple of thrift stores, getting groceries, and just having fun enjoying one another's company.  After dropping everything off at the house, we grabbed Natalie and headed to lunch at Toscano's Italian restaurant. .

The food is always amazing there, and we all ate way too much.  Fortunately, we ate lunch early that day, because we had moved our dinner with my parents night to Thursday instead of Tuesday in order to include Brooke.  Since mom visited her in Cozumel with us, they know each other a lot better than before.  Brooke cannot get good beef on the island, so we had steaks on the grill.  Two HUGE meals in one day!

After dinner, we spent some time talking and laughing with my niece Heather added into the mix.  It was an amazing evening.  Those of us who live here were laughing at how cold Brooke was when the air conditioner was on.  She thinks anything under 75 is cold.

Finally, we headed home with full bellies and happy hearts, knowing that her visit was only 1/4 over.

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