Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Visit, Day 4

On Sunday, we planned to stay home and chill out for the most part.  Oh, we did go to to Natural Grocers to find more food items that I couldn't pronounce, but that was it.  That afternoon, Simone and Monica came over to visit, and we just chilled out on the front porch, being thankful that the wind kept the 95° temps from melting us.

Everyone took turns in the hammock chair.  Since purchasing it, I have spent far too many hours on my back side.

It was another amazing day, although overshadowed for the two of us by the fact that she was leaving the next morning.  We both get pretty sappy when it's time to part company.  This time was no different.

Monday morning, we awoke early, loaded her bags, and headed to the airport.  After crying halfway from there to work, I came in, flipped to a new page in my notebook, and found this:

Not fair!  Now she's back in Mexico.  And I'm here.  Thank goodness for unlimited calls and texts!


  1. Thank you for redirecting us to your new blog.

    The internet & cell phones make the world a lot smaller place. I'm glad those things keep you closer to your loved ones.

    Blessings~ Andrea